Stitch Connect

Healthcare Messaging

Secure all your healthcare communication in one place.

Stitch Connect offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, team communication experience across all devices. We complement a great user experience with advanced security architecture to bring the latest in communication technology to the healthcare world. We use AWS to provide necessary physical safeguards and Aptible to provide technical safeguards, then carefully layer in administrative controls for complete HIPAA compliance.


Organize your conversations by groups or 1-on-1.

Stitch Connect organizes conversations into groups and private messages. Public and private groups bring healthcare teams together for powerful team dialogue. Discuss patients, events, tasks and more. Private messages enable instant 1-to-1 communication. No more pagers, fax machines or phone calls.


Upload images, audio, or video into your conversations.

Use Stitch Connect as a searchable archive of your team’s files. You can upload almost any type — JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. We employ cutting edge security tools, including isolated database containers, data transmission security measures and advanced authentication technology to HIPAA-compliantly store your uploads in the cloud. You can relax knowing you’re safe with us.


Notifications keep you in sync across all your devices.

Never miss a beat in Stitch Connect. Access your account everywhere you go with our web, desktop, and mobile apps. Receive and customize notifications across all your platforms so you stay in the conversation any way you like. Need more reliability? We’ve got you covered with message read receipts and escalating offline email and SMS notifications.