Stitch Engage

Patient Messaging

Communicate with patients on a secure and powerful platform.

Stitch Engage offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, patient communication experience. Our secure interface creates a single place for managing all patient communications. Safely share data of any kind — diagnoses, prescriptions, lab results and more. All accessible from any device. Patients enjoy an intuitive and reliable cross-platform experience as well, so you can focus on what matters most: patient care.


Create patient-centric conversations for coordinated team care.

Stitch Engage creates a dedicated conversational interface for every patient. Team members can jump into and out of patient conversations as necessary, consolidating various patient communication streams into a single place for improved coordination and transparency. Need to message internally about a patient? No problem. You can send messages visible to the patient, or leave internal notes visible only to care team members.


Present images, audio and video directly in conversations.

In addition to standard text messaging, Stitch Engage allows you to upload almost any type of file — JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, Word, Excel, and more. No more faxing or mailing your patients their files. Just seamlessly send them through Stitch Engage. We employ cutting edge security tools, including isolated database containers, data transmission security measures and advanced authentication technology to HIPAA-compliantly store your uploads in the cloud. Relax knowing you’re safe with us.


Powerful premium features when you need them.

Communicating with patients comes in many forms. Standard messaging is always free on Stitch Engage. For voice and video calls to patients, our premium tiers have you covered. Experience Engage as a complete telemedicine platform for delivering care to your patients. Advanced security controls, powerful templating tools and robust response forms are all at your fingertips as soon as you need them.