Stitch Manage

Patient Management

Manage your patient data securely.

Stitch Manage offers healthcare teams a HIPAA-compliant, patient collaboration experience that transforms care coordination. Stitch Manage includes everything you need to stay on track and up to date with patients under care. Referral and lab uploads, patient checklists, and team task items allow your team to powerfully manage patients through our patient-centric collaboration spaces.


Create a dedicated collaboration space for every patient.

Stitch Manage creates a patient-centric collaboration space for each patient. Rapidly add in your patient population via individual or batch uploads. Need an MRN? We can automatically generate that for you too. With Stitch Manage, your team can efficiently access a complete list of all patients and share information with improved organization. Use Stitch Manage to track patient progress, post key data points and coordinate on patient care.


Thread conversations for coordinated care.

It's easy for important information to drown in the flow of healthcare conversations. That's why we've built powerful conversation threads into Stitch Manage. Continue the discussion through comments on key posts so your team never loses track of what matters and where to find it. Progress notes, file uploads, lab results, referrals and prescriptions can all be turned into organized and ongoing discussions in Stitch Manage.


Upload images, audio, or video for access anywhere.

Healthcare is all about data. That's why we've made it easy to upload files of nearly any type — JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP3, Word, Excel, and more. No more faxing or mailing your colleagues files. Just instantly share them in Stitch Manage. Need to access them in the field? We've got you covered. Stitch Manage has iOS and Android mobile support with complete feature parity, so you can relax knowing your data is available to you wherever you are.