Pilot Program

Structured pilot programs for healthcare enterprises.

Major healthcare organizations succeed with Stitch


Everyone claims it but few can do it. Scalability is in the Stitch DNA: we’re powered by Erlang & Elixir, the core technology used in two-thirds of the world’s most fault tolerant telecommunications systems. Our battle-tested approach scales for teams of 100,000+ users.


Our rigorous security program touches every aspect of HIPAA: physical, technical & administrative safeguards. From data encryption to audit logs, device lockout to compliance exports, and BAAs to SLAs, we cover large enterprises at every turn. Find out more here.


Complex healthcare organizations require powerful and efficient administrative oversight. Stitch provides an enterprise-grade admin panel for user provisioning, permissions controls, group management, data retention policies and detailed analytics reports.

How the pilot program works

Deploying new technology is challenging for complex healthcare enterprises. Approval, procurement and adoption on an organization-wide scale can be accelerated by a strong pilot performance. Stitch’s Pilot Program is a defined, streamlined process for introducing Stitch to your enterprise.


Define the success criteria. We’ll work with your organization to understand the key objectives in implementing Stitch and delineate goals for ROI.


Select a target department or team to pilot Stitch for a defined time period. We’ll assist with on-site deployment and 24/7 support during the pilot.


Use our advanced analytics tools to view detailed usage and ROI reports. Understand exactly where and how Stitch makes an impact in your organization.

Why organizations pilot Stitch

Custom Implementation

Your organization is unique. New programs are more likely to succeed when specifically built to match your team’s needs.

Streamlined Adoption

Create a fast-track to organization-wide rollout with a strong pilot performance. Our ROI reports will do the work for you.

Usage Derisking

Know you’ll win before you fight the battle. Gain confidence by watching Stitch succeed at your own organization.

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